Chad Overcah
Chad Overcash, CPO
ABC Prosthetist/Orthotist and Clinical Manager, Morristown

Chad Overcash serves as the Clinical Manager for Prosthetics & Orthotics for Southern Orthocare's Morristown clinic. He is an ABC Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist and completed his graduate studies in both prosthetics and orthotics at The Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago in 2012. Prior to joining Southern Orthocare, Chad served for 3 and a half years as the Clinic Manager for a Hanger clinic in Monroe, NC. He specializes in microprocessor technology and is passionate about working with his patients to maximize their mobility potential. Chad and his wife Tiffany are new to Morristown, and have 1 year-old son, Austin. He is looking forward to serving patients in the Lakeway region. In his spare time, Chad likes to play softball and spend time with his family.

Billy Love
Billy Love, BOCP, LP-KY
Prosthetist & Amputee Advocate

William "Billy" Love is a Prosthetist and Amputee Advocate with Southern Orthocare. As a bilateral amputee himself since the age of five, Billy understands first-hand what the patient with limb loss experiences. He is a peer support visitor with the Amputee Coalition of America and has over 40 years of experience with amputee patients. In 2012, Billy was certified by BOC as a Prosthetist, and secured a license in KY to practice prosthetics. He serves as the Clinical Prosthetist in our Middlesboro, KY office. In 1974 Billy walked on and played football at the University of Tennessee, where he obtained his BS degree in Biology. Billy loves to play bluegrass music, specifically the stand-up bass. He has also served the community as Chief Deputy Coroner. Billy brings joy and hope everywhere he goes! His philosophy is, "Ain't nothing gonna come up today that me and the Lord can't handle."

Stacy Arrigo, BOCPD, LPed, CFmo
Stacy Arrigo, BOCPD, LPed, CFmo
Pedorthist, Orthotic Fitter, and Mastectomy Consultant

Stacy is a BOC Certified and Licensed Pedorthist as well as an ABC Certified Fitter of Orthotics and Mastectomy. Stacy began her career in Orthotics in 2001, working in the front office of an O&P facility. She quickly learned the value of the profession and how it impacted lives, and decided she wanted to care for patients directly. She started attending seminars and became certified in the areas of Orthotics and Mastectomy. Stacy joined Southern Orthocare in 2008 and is an invaluable part of the patient care team. She has hundreds of patients that are loyal to her care. She states, "I have a heart for all my patients and their well-being and have formed many friendships in the process. I'm doing what I was called to do." Stacy loves the outdoors, tennis, softball, boating, swimming, her church, and spending time with her family.

David Walker, CPed, LPed
David Walker, CPed, LPed-TN, LO-KY
Orthotist, Pedorthist and Fabrication Specialist

David joined Southern Orthocare in 2009 and is an ABC Certified and TN Licensed Pedorthist as well as a KY Licensed Orthotist. David entered the O&P field in 1969 after serving in the military. He first secured a job in Burlington, Vermont fabricating back braces. In 1978 he moved to Tennessee and joined an O&P practice where he spent several years practicing as an Orthotist. He attended Northwestern University where he received his Certification as a Pedorthist. David also received some Orthotic training NYU and in 1994 was certified as an Orthotist by BOC. In addition to a full load of patients at Southern Orthocare, David recently opened a shoe repair shop, "Walker Shoe Repair" in Kingsport, TN. He enjoys playing the drums, fly fishing, and being with his church family.

Linda Johnson, CFts
Linda Johnson, CFts
Lab Manager, Safety Officer, & Diabetic Shoe Fitter

Linda serves in many roles at Southern Orthocare. As Lab Manager, she is responsible for the general flow in the lab as well as fabrication of all custom pedorthic inserts, which she makes using automated state-of-the-art carving technology. She is also an ABC Fitter of Therapeutic Shoes and provides diabetic shoes and non-custom inserts directly to patients. Linda is also responsible for overseeing shipping, receiving, returns, and inventory management. Finally, she serves as the Safety Officer. Linda has an Associate of Applied Science degree with an emphasis in Computer Networking from Walter State Community College. She enjoys photography, cross-stitching, reading, and collecting thimbles. Linda is a cancer survivor. Since battling the disease, she looks at life in a totally different way. She feels blessed to be part of a team where she can help others daily.

Marty Masters, CFm
Marty Masters, CFm
Mastectomy Consultant

Marty is a Mastectomy Consultant and Certified Fitter of Mastectomy for Southern Orthocare. Marty is a breast cancer survivor. She and her daughter were diagnosed within days of one another. She has a strong will and a loving heart and always strives to give back to the community. Marty has a special gift of caring for ladies who are breast cancer survivors. As a matter of fact, she recently opened a shop called "Just About You" for ladies who are going through or who have experienced a mastectomy. She provides wigs, mastectomy bras, bathing suits, and many other products women need during this major turning point in their lives. Marty loves to spend as much time as possible with her family.

Jeremy Gann
Jeremy Gann
Lab Technician

Jeremy Gann serves as a Lab Technician at Southern Orthocare’s main clinic in Morristown, TN. Jeremy is responsible for the fabrication of prosthetic limbs, AFO’s, and pedorthic inserts. Jeremy is a lover of God and of people. He is intentional about investing in others and bringing hope to the hearts of people who may have lost their way. One of his favorite sayings is, “There is only one direction we can face, and that is forward.” Jeremy and his wife April have a one year old daughter, Zoe, who loves life. Jeremy enjoys God, quality time with loved ones and family, bodybuilding, and outdoor fun.